In post production

Eva wishes

Medium lengh film. 56 min.

CNC, Pays de la Loire, Bretagne.

Eva is a 39-year-old, single and free woman. A gynaecologist has just told her she has very few eggs left. Eva would like to have a child but doesn’t really know how to go about it… She sets off on a singular journey.


Dad is a super-hero (tata è super erou)

fiction, 9’30, HD, 2017

Virgil has just received a remote control car from his mom. Daria would like to swap it for a piranha she has caught in the river.

Screening : Pequefilmes 2019 (Spain), Seoul Guro Kids Film Festival 2019 (Corea), UPPSALA international film festival; DOCLISBOA, European short film festival Brest; Zero Plus short film festival, Festival du film court en plein air de Grenoble; Festival international de Contis; Festival Plein la Bobine, Short to Point, Bucarest, French film festival of Bucarest.

Our dumb lips

fiction, 20’, 4K, 2016

With Emmanuel Salinger, Adélaïde Leroux.
First price at the script contest in travelling festival Rennes, 2012. Production fund from the CNC, New technologies fund from the CNC, ADAMI, Pays de la Loire, TVRennes35.
A perte de vue films.

Awards : Best short film, Plebeian film festival 2017 (CALIFORNIA, San Diego); Best cinematography award, Taratsa international film festival 2017(GREECE, Thessalonique); Spécial jury award and best cinematography award (festival Mulhouse tous courts); script award, festival travelling Rennes, 2012.

Screening : SUISSE, Ouchy film awards 2018, FRANCE, festival reflets du cinéma 2018, GRÈCE international video poetry, Athènes, 2017, PORTUGAL, Olhares do Mediterraneo 2017, CANADA, Toronto, Eye Myth Film Festival 2017, ARGENTINE Santiago del Estero Film Festival 2017, BETTON Festival courts en Betton 2017, MULHOUSE Tous courts 2017, ITALIE LFFEC Film Festival Europa Cinema 2017, PORTO VECCHIO Festival des Courts en Hiver 2017, HONGRIE, Budapest, Festival Budafest 2017, ESPAGNE Menorca International Film Festival 2016, DOUARNENEZ Festival Grand cru Bretagne 2016, RENNES Festival Travelling 2016.

The ear of a pianist

fiction,16’, 2014

Les films du Viaduc et Makiz’Art. With Adélaïde Leroux and David Jeanne Comello. Partnerships : Bretagne, Côtes d’Armor, CNC, Télénantes.

Festival de Douarnenez, festival Ose ce court (script award), festival Courts en Betton.

Home trip

fiction, 8’, 2013

Tita productions. Broadcast : France 2. With Sabrina Ouazani, William Leplat Escaravage. Co-writer : Mouloud Akkouche.

Screening: festival de Brest, festival Tout Courts d’Aix-en-Provence, festival de Douarnenez.

To be continued

documentary, 52′,  2011
les films du balibari.

Festivals : Premiers Plans, festival docs d’hiver de Lussas, Moulin d’Andé, festival de Douarnenez, Mois du doc, festival de Montdidier. Public award, festival du film artisanal de Joyeuse.

Pensée unique

experimental, 1’, 2009 – coréalisé avec Fanny Mazet

Broadcast Canal +, téléNantes.

100 kms apart

Documentary, les films du balibari, 2008.

Co-directed with Jean-François Maître.

A derby opposing two cities, 100 kms apart. A story about identity through football’s lovers.

The absentee

fiction, 18’, 2008 – 35 mm
Les films du balibari / Makiz’art,

Great Award of the Eure Department script writing contest – Moulin d’Andé,  Dieppe Film Festival, Angers “Premiers Plans” Festival. Broadcast: GIE grand Ouest.


expérimental 1’, 2006 – S8

Screening: Festival Scopitone Nantes, 7ème festival des cinémas différents Paris, festival des inattendus Lyon…

In development

TIME TO GET AWAY, feature.

Development fund: CNC, Pays de la Loire, Bretagne, CICLIC


HADES, Serie for TV, 8 x 52’

Co-writing with Aurore Casalis. Audiovisual innovation fund from the CNC. Production: les films du balibari.

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